Wedding cars in Spain

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From classic bridal wedding cars to coaches for your guests, there are many different types of transport for couples to arrive in style at their wedding in Spain.

Types of wedding cars

  • Big American “muscle cars” and iconic hot rods are the choice of many modern couples wanting to make an impressive entrance
  • Harley Davidson motor bikes with sidecars offer an unusual way to arrive at your wedding ceremony
  • Pre-war cars have a special place in the heart of romantic wedding couples with a vision of black and white movies
  • Celebrity status cars like the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud are favoured by royalty, VIPs – and brides!

This video takes us around four different wedding cars and what to look for in a wedding car.


What to look for in a wedding car

Classic cars may be the traditional way to arrive at a wedding, but there are lots of practical considerations when choosing your wedding transport.

  • Big wedding dresses with wired underskirts need plenty of leg room!
    Make sure you can get in and out of your wedding car easily
  • Open top cars and convertibles look wonderful in the photos – but can ruin your bridal hair!
    Ask for the roof to be put up during your actual drive
  • The practicalities of arriving at your wedding on a motorbike need careful thought
    Think about your hair, how you will sit on the motorbike – and what happens if it rains!
  • Darkened glass might look great for celebrities to arrive in style, but from a wedding photographer’s perspective it can make their job difficult if they cannot see the occupant!
  • Remember that as well as arriving at your ceremony you may need to make an exit after the wedding.
    Having a chauffeur means you can enjoy a glass of champagne or two and not have to think about driving.
  • Finally, reliability is very important.
    You want a regularly maintained vehicle that will get you to your wedding on time!


Alternative ways to arrive at your wedding

Many hotels and private wedding venues have helipads. The ultimate way to avoid traffic queues is to arrive at your wedding by private plane or helicopter.

At the total opposite end of the scale, one of the most traditional and ecological ways to arrive at a wedding in Spain is on the back of a horse, mule or donkey. Some rustic venues have their own four legged form of transport especially for the bride or groom to use for the last few metres of their journey to their romantic wedding space.

And finally, with comfortable shoes, you could of course walk to your ceremony!


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Author bio: Debbie Skyrme is "Celebrant Spain".  Award winning bilingual destination wedding celebrant officiating elopements, vow renewals and wedding ceremonies in the Spanish sunshine.