Turisme de Barcelona joins the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)

Barcelona Turisme

She will be a member of this important body, which represents the private sector of the global travel and tourism industry.

Marian Muro underlines the importance of being part of an entity, through which she will be able to close alliances and collaboration agreements with the most influential tourism companies.

Barcelona, 23 February 2021 - Barcelona Tourism has signed up as a destination partner of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the body that represents the private sector of the global travel and tourism industry.
The WTTC works to promote the development of the sector in a sustainable manner by working in coordination with government bodies, destinations and other agents in the tourism industry. 
Turismo de Barcelona sees the WTTC as a very useful platform for post-Covid to join forces, generate impact and have visibility at the highest level in the field of international tourism. Furthermore, with this incorporation, the Consortium offers its associate members a series of advantages such as being able to participate in strategic initiatives in security (with special attention to recovery for Covid 19), mobility, as well as aspects of preparation, management, and recovery in crisis situations and a large battery of actions to achieve sustainable growth in the tourism industry. 
The organisation also promotes networking among its members through various events and provides access to economic information on all source markets and ad hoc reports. WTTC also facilitates interaction between its members and government authorities and international organisations.                                                     .
Gloria Guevara Manzo, President and CEO of the WTTC, welcomed Turisme de Barcelona, and assured that she could count on the organisation's full support to strengthen the travel and tourism sector in Barcelona and help in the recovery from the pandemic situation.
Marian Muro, Director General of Turisme de Barcelona, has valued very positively the Barcelona destination's entry as a DMO and has stated that "being in the most important association in the world will allow us to be in contact with the CEOs of tourism organisations and companies in order to be able to forge alliances and collaboration agreements". The Director of Tourism of Barcelona assures that "Barcelona is a destination of great international relevance and therefore must be in the league of the great international entities participating in the decisions and challenges posed by tourism. The WTTC is a world leader because of its influence and because it is the voice of the most important companies, organisations and destinations in the world"
Barcelona Tourism has been collaborating with the WTTC since last November, after reaching an agreement to manage the Safe Travels seal in Barcelona, which recognises safe travel protocols worldwide. This label allows travellers to recognise companies, organisations and destinations in any country in the world that have adopted standardised protocols for security and prevention measures in the face of Covid-19 and aims to inspire and restore travellers' confidence in destinations in order to accelerate the recovery of the industry in the wake of Covid-19. To date, more than 200 destinations have already been approved and thousands of companies have been recognised with this seal.
In fact, the WTTC was the first international organisation to launch the world's first security seal, which means international recognition for establishments in Barcelona when it comes to presenting themselves with a security guarantee, which is important for professionals and agents in the sector as it accredits the implementation of security and prevention measures in the face of the pandemic.
The WTTC is an organisation that works to promote the development of the travel sector in a sustainable and inclusive manner, through collaboration with governments, destinations, communities and other stakeholders. It aims to highlight the economic and social potential of tourism as a generator of economic development and jobs, and as an enabler for reducing inequalities and promoting global security and understanding. Its members include: tourist destinations, hotels, airlines, airports, tour-operators, agencies, OTAS, GDSs, cruise companies, etc. They have major global partners such as Google, McKinsey, IBM, VISA, Deloitte, Coca Cola, Hilton, Carnival Corporation, Airbnb, UBER, Iberia, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Palace Resorts, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Radisson Hotel Group, Expedia Group, Iberostar, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Meliá, among others.