The top 3 team building activities in 2019


One of the factors that today most take into account those responsible for organizing a corporate trip is undoubtedly related to investing at least a couple of hours in an activity where attendees have the opportunity to work as a team and at the same time entertain, have fun and why not, take the prize to the winning team .... Of course we talk about TEAM BUILDING activities.

EVENT PLANNER SPAIN has wondered what would be today the activities of TEAM BUILDING that are setting trends in the domestic market and for this we asked one of the leading companies in Spain, EXPERIENCE BOX, based in the province of Malaga, specializing in the destination Andalusia, but gradually covering other destinations within our country.

This is the particular ranking of Eduardo Villaverde, Director of Operations of Team Building Malaga and with 21 years of experience in the MICE sector, at the time of defining the 3 Team Building activities that are triumphing most at the beginning of this year:

This is an activity that is usually carried out in the same hotel where the group is staying, as it is designed to avoid travelling by road to other places. The teams will have to fictitiously face a situation of "world disaster", where a lethal virus has been released and has poisoned all of humanity. Only one team will be able to save itself from this pandemic and for this they must be the first to find "The Antidote", which is in a box protected by a lock that only opens with a unique combination of numbers, letters and colors. To find out the order and content of this combination will be the objective of the teams and to do so, the teams will have to complete different challenges, complex puzzles, convoluted puzzles and other complicated but fun situations to collect clues and progress in the game.

Everyone is already aware of the importance of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in today's world. Companies today tend to combine a team building activity with a "responsible" touch. There are many options for CSR activities on the Costa del Sol and in Spain, depending on the location of the event and the ideas of the companies, such as a reforestation activity (after the many fires that has known Andalusia is something more than necessary), an interactive gymkhana where the results obtained by each team are converted into contributions of money for local associations, national or international, but also and increasingly we focus on "social challenges" of proximity, helping local schools to paint their classes or building bicycles for disadvantaged children, organizing visits to hospitals for children disguised as clowns and giving away smiles, etc. These activities provide the participants with much more than a standard team building, as they live unique and unforgettable experiences that can mark them for the rest of their lives. 

What is not missing from any desk in any office of any company in the world? No, it is not a photo of the dog, it is a calendar or, as it is called in certain parts of Andalusia, an "almanac".
And what better than killing two birds with one stone while enjoying an interactive Treasure Hunt activity and at the same time returning to the office with a calendar that reminds you the rest of the year how much fun you had during your business trip? That's what the PicMoment offers, which consists of creating 12 completely different situations, each of which will represent a specific month of the year. With the help of certain specific material, such as props, drinks, furniture, etc., the participants will have to take 12 original and fun photos with the camera, which will later be captured in the team or company calendar, which will become a wonderful souvenir of this experience.

Obviously, there are many more options, and we can not close this post without mentioning the new technologies (virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc.) that are undoubtedly going from being activities of the future and becoming more and more activities today.