The TAPAS ROUTES, a great alternative in these times

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Although the business and corporate group travel sector, whether for meetings (work) or incentives (leisure), is still very much at a standstill and there are not yet clear signs of recovery, here at EVENT PLANNER SPAIN we would like to briefly discuss what we consider to be a fantastic option when organising a dinner for these groups, which is none other than the Tapas Routes through the historic centres of many of our cities.

In an era plagued by health and safety restrictions when organising any event, where the possibility of physically bringing a group of people together in the same space is increasingly reduced, the alternatives for organising a simple meal for a group are so limited that there is no choice but to adapt to the rules and therefore there is no choice but to accept that the quality of gastronomic events is going to be negatively affected, compared to what we have always been used to.

From a simple welcome cocktail to a working lunch, from a "coffee break" to a "gala dinner", any crowding around a table or a stand with food will no longer be the same, at least in the medium term, and we must all get used to it and take it for granted, even though we would never have imagined that this could be the case.

The fact that you can only interact with those from your own area, normally your table companions, undermines the main objective of the evening or function, which in many cases was to be able to relate to as many people as possible, in a certain space of time, normally limited to a couple of hours or three at most.

If we talk about lunches or dinners for these medium-large groups, however, a solution now appears that is not new or out of the question at all, but quite the opposite, as it has been presented for some time: the "free" Tapas Routes. Many agencies and companies in the sector already have experience with this product, historically offered as a mixture of gastronomic and cultural activity, but now it is becoming a great alternative to replace any classic dinner in a restaurant or in a particular space, as it offers almost absolute freedom to go where you want, with whomever you want and choose the menu you want depending on your tastes or desires at that time.

Born as a variant of the classic "guided" Tapas Routes, the "free" Tapas Routes are also organized in the historical centres of some cities, especially taking advantage of the pedestrian areas of these cities, which in Spain are increasingly more and better equipped. It is precisely in these areas where the greatest number of establishments that will become part of the Route are usually accumulated, whether they are bars, tascas, taverns or restaurants. Each area of our country has such diverse characteristics of both premises and gastronomy that the experience of a Tapas Route in San Sebastian is totally different to that of one in Marbella, to give just one example. Take a look at our supplier The Farm Restaurant in the old town of Marbella.

In this case, each participant is usually given a booklet with a certain number of vouchers that can be exchanged on arrival at the premises that have been contracted for each route. They can go "at their leisure", visiting the bars they like best, in pairs, in groups of three, or in slightly more numerous "quadrilles". This is precisely where the success of a well-organised free Tapas Route lies: the combination of compliance with all health and safety measures with a first-class culinary experience marked by its originality, diversity and gastronomic quality.

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