What does a location scout do?


At Spot Locations we work with a team of scouts who are constantly out looking for stunning locations, either for a client’s project or for our own archive - so we can always show you new and spectacular places for your productions. But, what do these scouts actually do?


Preparations before going out

Owners and public entities have to be contacted and briefed before we visit. Rural and remote areas have to be researched with the help of tools like Google Maps and Sunseeker.


Getting the best photos

Scouts have to see locations with “fresh” eyes - the client who is going to see them does not know these spaces. The photo archive of each location has to be thorough so that it is understood in its entirety. On top of this, scouting photos have to be taken with their purpose in mind – will this be a spot for a car shoot, will this kitchen work for lifestyle, etc.


Retouching photos

We keep retouching to minimum to show the location in the most natural way possible. However sometimes light reflections, branding and personal details (like car number plates or street details) have to be retouched.


Show location specifics

Scouts not only have to present locations beautifully, they must also take pictures that show what characteristics of the location need special attention during the production. We photograph spaces thinking about production logistics and potential difficulties (access to the location, parking space, etc.) This way we can assure productions run smoothly and without surprises and can evaluate the suitability of each location to client needs.