Spain remains the main destination for German tourists despite the upsurge


German agencies confirm that the client is booking at very short notice

Mediterranean destinations account for 60% of German travellers' bookings since travel restrictions were lifted in mid-July. The Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands are the most popular destinations, despite the fact that in recent weeks there has been a downward trend in the Balearic archipelago, according to data from the German Association of Travel Agents (DRV).

In recent weeks also highlights a growth of 60% in sales to Greece and a "slow and steady" recovery of reserves to Italy.

The DRV data shows an increase in reservations, but Norbert Fiebig, president of the association, says that only represents a third of sales compared to 2019 and are not "enough to absorb the losses caused by the coronavirus.

On the other hand, he stresses that customers are booking "at very short notice". "If we look at the weeks of July 20 to 26, 60% of sales were out in July. As soon as the borders were opened in mid-June, short-term bookings shot up to 62% of total volume," he notes.

Reserves for autumn-winter are also increasing, accounting for 22% in the last week of June.

"Despite COVID-19, people are already preparing their holidays for the winter and summer of 2021. About 10% of the bookings are for long trips planned for the last months of the year, however they are still far below the levels reached in 2019," concludes Fiebig.