Types of chairs for events


Event design is a fairly complex process, requiring a lot of organization, creative work, attention to detail and managing last minute surprises. Part of the creative process is selecting the right furniture components, which can vary depending on the type of event and format.

In this article, Premium give you some tips on the different types of event chairs and how to choose the ideal model for your booth, conference or corporate event in order to provide maximum comfort to your attendees without burning a hole in your pocket.



To this group belong all the chairs that we place in events such as seminars, lectures and large conferences. They should be comfortable enough to sit for several hours, so the seat should be soft, preferably with armrests and, if the event is educational, even with a paddle, so that attendees can take notes.

Another important point here is the cost of the chair, as large quantities are usually needed, the price should not be too high unless you have a large budget. We recommend that you take a look at the Asti conference chairs, the absolute congress champion or the classic Sapri model. Another option is the minimalist Shell chair, which comes in six different colors and can be linked*.

*The link is a metal piece that joins two or more chairs in a row in order to prevent shifting.



In some events we have special "meeting rooms" that are used for more private corporate meetings. For this format it is recommended to use high office chairs with armrests and swivel base, which provide maximum comfort to people. There are several models available with materials such as leather or fabric and metal bases. The important thing here is to choose an ergonomic model that supports the back well and allows for various inclinations. We recommend the elegant Mulhacén meeting chair or the more economical Ofis.



For chillout areas, networking areas or F&B (bars and restaurants) you have more creative freedom when choosing the model. You can select colorful models aligned with your corporate color palette, non-standard models, Nordic furniture or even puffs for a more casual atmosphere. Some of the more classic solutions include Amagni, Tower (comes in 10 different colors!) or Torreon.



Chairs for weddings and gala dinners should be elegant, beautiful and comfortable. There are several models available in different styles ranging from classic to modern, in materials such as wood, plastic or polypropylene. One of the best known models is the Napoleon wedding chair and has been used for decades. In recent years, industrial style furniture has also become very popular, such as the Lix Chair.



Last but not least, there are the chairs that are used for the technical support team: the people who are in charge of lighting, visual effects and production. They are usually placed in small booths near the stage or in special offices. The chairs should be compact, preferably foldable, easy to move and economical. One of the best solutions for these cases is the Sam model.


Every event is different and the design depends on the specific objectives, the location and, of course, the budget, but we hope this article has been useful to identify the most important features of each category of event chairs and help you make the perfect choice.

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