Indigo Travel and Events organized the 6th FESTIVAL TROPICAL


From 21 June to 01 July the annual Festival Tropical once again took place in beautiful Almuñecar, Granada. Once a year the lovely town of Almuñecar opens its gates wide for people from all over the world to come together and share their love of music and culture.

This year, marching bands consistent of almost 500 members, most of them children and teenagers, were welcomed. Together with Brazilian performers and traditional Flamenco dancers they turned the festival in a spectacular event and a meeting point of cultures.

With their passion for music the bands filled the streets with rhythm, melody and a contagious joy that filled everyone in earshot.

During their stay the groups had the opportunity to visit Alpujarras, the Nerja Caves and Frigiliana, bicycling with ebikes in the surrounding mountains meanwhile getting a taste of the Spanish culture by making and eating tapas, visit an olive oil press, having a flamenco lesson and making tropical fruit ice creams and more.

Music is a gift to humanity, bringing people together without speaking the same language and uniting them in love and peace. When it comes to music it doesn’t matter where you are coming from and where you are going.

Music fills each and every one of us and reminds us that no matter what, we are all connected and in this together; creating a sense of unity, understanding and belonging.