How to choose wedding flowers and florists

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For many wedding couples, the decoration and flowers are a super important part of their special day.

There are so many different types of flowers and so many design styles and choices for bouquets, boutonnieres, beach bowers, wedding arches and table decorations, here is our advice for choosing the best wedding flowers and florist for you.

Florists and floral artists

There are florists and there are floral artists. Both are trained professionals but they have a distinctly different outlook.

  • A general florist will give you a choice of bouquets and ask which one you prefer.
  • A floral artist will ask what you prefer and then create a personal bouquet.

But don’t think that a floral artist is going to cost you more money!

If you are deciding between a florist and a floral artist, be honest with them about your budget and ask each one what they can create for the money – you might be surprised!

Ana Mena Arte Floral offers three tips for choosing a florist for your wedding day:

  • “Find a florist who understands you, who knows how to capture your idea.
    It is important that you feel a connection so that you can be calm with the subject of flowers.
  • Choose someone who can solve your doubts, help you and guide you in choosing your flowers.
  • Choose a florist with experience, who is decisive.
    It is an important day and everything has to be spectacular! “


Floral wedding decoration

You might spend a long time deciding on the colour scheme and the right “look” for your special day. But it takes real skill to interpret your design dreams and make them a reality – all within your budget!

Your wedding planner or event organiser is a great starting point to help you decide on the right floral decorations for you, including

  • Bridal bouquets
  • Boutonnieres
  • Beach bowers
  • Wedding arches
  • Table centre pieces
  • Floral chandeliers
  • Chair decorations

Some wedding planners offer a floral decoration service themselves.

The majority of wedding planners have a team of suppliers whom they’ve worked with before and can trust to deliver the wedding designs you want using high quality flowers.


Living flowers or artificial flowers?

There are positives and negatives for choosing fresh flowers, dried flowers or those made of silk, plastic or paper.

Fresh flowers smell gorgeous! As a wedding celebrant, I have stood under fragrant floral arches alive with butterflies and humming with bees delighted at the unexpected gift of so much extra pollen!

But pollen can be a negative point for wedding guests with allergies, and fresh flowers soon wilt in the heat of the Spanish sunshine.

The beauty of artificial flowers is that they can be reused and recycled.

You can even hire your floral wedding decoration which might be more cost effective for those on a tight budget.


Wedding flower and florist top tips

In summary, here are our top tips for choosing wedding flowers and florists:

  1. Use a wedding directory like Event Planner Spain as a source of professional suppliers who invest in their business
  2. Ask other brides and grooms for personal recommendations of their florist
  3. Look on social media for photos of real weddings in your area and ask for a link to the florist
  4. Create a mood board of the colours and styles of wedding flowers you like to show your florist
  5. Be honest about your wedding decoration budget and ask what the suppliers can provide for the money
  6. Be open to compromise. Sometimes a mix of living flowers and artificial ones is the perfect solution.


Author bio: Debbie Skyrme is "Celebrant Spain".  Award winning bilingual destination wedding celebrant officiating elopements, vow renewals and wedding ceremonies in the Spanish sunshine.

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