The Government launches a "message of confidence" in tourism, because Spain is a "safe destination

 l'Espagne est une "destination sûre"

Montero stressed that tourists know that one of Spain's main strengths is the quality of public health

The Minister of Finance and Government Spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, has launched a "clear message of confidence" in Spanish tourism and has insisted that Spain is a "safe destination".

At the press conference following the Council of Ministers held on Tuesday, Montero stated that Spain is "an incomparable destination, not only in terms of culture, but also in terms of heritage and gastronomy, as well as a safe destination that has been prepared and strengthened to deal with the virus and its outbreaks".

The Government spokeswoman stressed that people who regularly visit Spain know that one of its main strengths is the quality of its public health system.

"In fact, in these months, coordination and joint action protocols have been established between the Ministry of Health and the Autonomous Communities for prevention, control, and anticipation in response capacity with an early response plan that was agreed upon in the Interterritorial Health Council", explained the Government spokesperson.