The success of an event falls on many factors; however, one of the most important is the catering. This is a key element in communicating without leaving aside the venue or the audiovisual production (posters, videos, stands, etc.), and all these elements must go in the same line.

Our goal will be to conquer the stomach of our guests while communicating the values and objectives of the event. Good service, presentation and taste are of vital importance if we want to ensure a nice memory. It is quite usual that the day after an event makes reference, above all, to the gastronomic proposal that characterized the experience.

The choice of the catering should not be done randomly, but it has to be something very thoughtful. Not all of them offer the same services so we have to look for the best, taking into account their experience in the sector and their previous work.

It must to be clear about the type of event you want to perform and what type of catering service is convenient for you. The three most common formats are: cocktail, with a relaxed atmosphere in a celebration of snacking; banquet, with a gala style meal consisting of a first course, a second and a dessert, and finally the type of buffet.

The versatility of catering in terms of space is an easier way to bring originality to the event. It is a very important point, because every place and the possibilities it brings are different, so it is interesting to study each case to squeeze every possible opportunity.

A good service is essential, because although the raw material is excellent, the way of presenting it to the customer is essential. Non-verbal communication is constantly informing so we must try to ensure, through the staff, the reasons for the event are also reflected. In addition, careful treatment will always be valued positively by the attendees.

The character, values, philosophy and identity should always be reflected in every detail, especially through a good catering service.

Thanks to our experience in the sector producing numerous events, we have been able to meet and collaborate firsthand with different catering services. Especially, we should recommend the gastronomic agency Wondercat, focused only on corporate events providing added value to know all the terminologies that surround this type of business information.