Decalogue of the perfect event organizer

Event Organizer

The party of the year or the disaster of the century... it all depends on who's in charge of your big day. Here's everything you need to know about the ideal event planner.

Baby shower, graduation, birthday, wedding, anniversary... there are no small events and definitely the way to make your party a unique and memorable celebration requires organization, patience and a lot of planning. We need the advice of experts who have the talent and experience to make your vision come true and enjoy that moment as one of the best of your life.  

If you are still looking for the "fairy godmother" who will make your dreams come true, this is the guide to find her. Here is the decalogue of the perfect event organizer. If you have it all, it's the one.

1. Organization
The most important point, and as obvious as it may sound, would surprise you to know how many 'organizers' have problems creating a party. You have to be able to handle many elements at the same time and not let any details pass you by.

2. Experience
Excellence is achieved through experience. Look for recommendations with family or friends, in magazines, blogs, websites and so on. Think of any event as unforeseen, and the more experience your organizer has, the more likely he or she is to know how to solve it.

3. Adaptation
The ability to adapt to any condition is essential. Each event has different protagonists, themes, suppliers... the perfect organiser knows how to adapt to any circumstance and has the vision to create what you want.

4. Generating trust
Not only is it enough to have experience and to know the trade perfectly, but also to be able to transmit tranquility and security to both hosts and guests. After all, the main reason you're hiring the services of an organizer is to avoid stress and unforeseen events.

5. Troubleshooting
Problems are inevitable, but knowing how to solve them is essential. As they say, in the end the function has to continue and no one should notice that something 'didn't go right', not even you.

6. Creativity
Each client is different, has different goals, extravagant ideas and varied budgets. The creativity of the organizer will make that vision come true with the resources available and giving personality and identity to each party.

7. Management
An organizer is also responsible for managing the budget, so your ability to administer will be essential. They must know how to respect the cost set by the client, advise him on an economic level and know what his priorities are.

8. Knowledge of the market
A professional party planner should know all the suppliers for every aspect of the event and be up to date on news and trends.

9. Propositive
An organizer is on the order of the day with the latest trends, from decoration to banquet, and is able to create a stage or adapt the original idea of your client to give him a beautiful party that everyone will talk about.

10. Connection
The perfect organizer is involved in the event as much as the hosts, is always at the side of his client and attends to their needs as if the party were his own. He knows that this moment is unique and that it depends on him that everything turns out as planned. Empathy, sensitivity and cordiality.

Following this decalogue, we guarantee that your party will be a success.