Malaga will host the AOTEC Fair, focused on the future of telecommunications and the digital society

Aotec 2018

The exhibition will bring together on 30 and 31 May the main companies providing broadband infrastructure and services.

Madrid - The 13th edition of the AOTEC Telecommunications and Innovation Technology Fair will be held in 2019 at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga (Fycma) on the 30th and 31st of May, focusing on the future of telecommunications and the advancement of the digital society, with special emphasis on rural environments.

The exhibition, one of the reference events in the sector in Spain, will occupy one of the pavilions of the Fycma, doubling its space compared to the previous edition and will have 6,000 square meters and 210 stands that will show the cutting-edge technology used to break the digital divide.

The AOTEC Fair, which was held last year in Cartagena (Murcia) with 2,000 attendees, arrives in the capital of Malaga in order to continue growing, making it the focus of the telecommunications sector. This event brings together local operators - almost 800 SMEs in Spain settled mainly in towns of less than 50,000 inhabitants - as well as attracting technologists, engineers, businessmen and the competent administrations in this area.

"The local operators have been growing for years and taking their networks to new towns, small and big like Malaga itself. A growth that is also reflected in the fair, which emphasizes the local and breaking the digital divide between territories, in bringing connections that generate new business opportunities, training and leisure. Something to which local operators contribute significantly," says the president of the entity, Antonio Garcia Vidal, adding that today "connectivity is an imperative, a need that is no longer discussed and without which a municipality loses competitiveness.

Throughout its exhibition area national and international providers will show the latest developments for the deployment and management of broadband networks, which local operators have been deploying for 11 years, both fiber optics and wireless technology (Wimax, LTE) used in isolated areas. They will also be able to contemplate the technologies that are being developed for the arrival of mobile connections 5G, and with the advance of the so-called 'Internet of Things' (IoT) which involves the connection of millions of devices to the Internet, and its applications.

In addition, during two days the assistants will be able to know the new existing proposals in channels of television; the last models of mobile telephony that diverse companies contribute, as well as all type of services, so much directed to harness the efficiency of the companies of telecommunications, as those oriented to cover different necessities of the consumers.

In this sense, in the hands of specialized companies, local operators provide both technological services, such as cybersecurity for companies or security in homes, as other non-technological, such as gas or electricity from renewable sources, an offer that is concentrated in AOTEC 2019.

Local telecommunications operators offer their users connection to the Internet through broadband networks, as well as mobile telephony, fixed telephony and television content - the so-called quadruple play - and increasingly complementary services.

A business fair that this year will also open its doors to telecommunications students from Malaga and Andalusia, who will be able to register for the exhibition and learn about the reality of a sector in which they can undertake or in the future could be suppliers.

Local Operators

The local telecommunications operators sector is responsible for 6,000 jobs in Spain, with a growth of 33% in five years, and generate investments of more than 776 million euros annually, according to the first study of the telecommunications sector conducted by the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and AOTEC.

The expansion of these companies, whose origin dates back to three decades ago, has been continuous and intense in recent years thanks to the evolution of technology, creating specialized jobs in small towns. In fact, between 2012 and 2016 their contribution to the generation of wealth in the localities in which they are located was 35%, while large companies reduced it by 17%.

The president of AOTEC has underlined that these companies are born of local businessmen, who have known how to consolidate them, and that they have been extending to nearby populations without losing their essence: the proximity to their clients, the direct treatment and a good service to competitive prices with immediate reaction to any problem.

The exhibition has the support of companies such as Cellnex Telecom, AMC Networks, Intracom Telecom, Alea Soluciones, the Malaga PTV Telecom, LCRCrom, Lemonvil, Cablemóvil or Voz.