Fomento defends that Iberia will have no problems flying in the case of a Brexit without an agreement


The Ministry of Public Works this Thursday recalled that Iberia is "today a Spanish airline, licensed to operate as an air operator (AOC), issued in accordance with European regulations," while confident that the airline will make the necessary adjustments, if any, to a Brexit without agreement.

"The airlines must analyze the extent to which they are affected by the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU and consequently make the adjustments they deem necessary to continue complying with the regulations at all times, something in which we know we are already working," say sources of Promotion.

European Commission sources told Reuters that Brussels urged IAG and all affected airlines to check with national authorities if they would meet the licensing requirements to operate in case a Brexit "without agreement".

They assured that the European Commission is in contact with the national authorities in charge of reviewing the requirements. Although IAG holds the economic rights to Iberia Holdings, it holds only 49.9% of the voting rights. Garanair, owned by distribution giant El Corte Inglés, has the remaining 50.1%.

Relevance of Brexit in all sectors

The Department headed by José Luis Ábalos reminds us that given the importance of Brexit in all economic spheres, to which air transport is no stranger, "Fomento has maintained and continues to maintain continuous contact with the entire transport sector and with the European Commission itself, in order to be in the best possible conditions to face this process".

The Council of Ministers will "probably" discuss this Friday the contingency plans for a hard Brexit that are being "completed", as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, advanced.