The tourism sector is already negotiating routes with Malaga


The tourist business sector of the Campiña Sur and the tour operators of the port of Malaga have already begun to negotiate the design of tourist routes, not only for cruisers, but for residential tourism on the Costa del Sol. This was advanced by the president of the Mancomunidad Campiña Sur, Francisca Carmona, who presented the results of the Conference on Design and Promotion of Tourist Routes that this entity organized in early November.

Carmona has indicated that "there are also entrepreneurs in our region who are working with different shipping companies to study how to introduce products and different promotions inside the cruises and even introduce their products in an online marketing platform relating to luxury tourism.

In the day 35 companies participated in the Campiña Sur and the Wine Route, being the profile the majority of wineries, crafts, travel agencies, restaurants and taverns, accommodation, leisure companies and complementary activities, museums, guides, equestrian and active tourism, which conducted a total of more than 125 professional interviews.

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