What is an Adventure Wedding?

Spainventure Elope Wedding

COVID-19 has changed the way we live, move around and interact, and it is at this last point where our post begins ... I mean what is an adventure wedding?

Weddings can no longer be crowded, the restrictions on groups of people make the couple rethink how to make a different and original wedding respecting all the conditions that we must adapt to, complying with current regulations, and at the same time adding another factor of stress: who do I invite and who do not? friends, family... who?...

                 We begin to give you ideas and that will surely help you dream of your adventure wedding:


                                                              What is an adventure wedding, an Elope Wedding?

An adventure wedding, "an elope wedding" can be understood as getting married legally, but performing the ceremony in some exotic, but definitely romantic place, in secret, traveling with your couple, and perhaps a small -very reduced- group of guests.

Escaping is probably not as easy as you can imagine, you will find that the family does not understand it, your friends believe that you have gone crazy, but the must important thing is that you are mentalized for this situation: They will be enjoying their love and spontaneity.

These adventure weddings have their benefits, here are some of them:

  • 1.- It is Cheaper than Traditional

As it is an intimate wedding, with few or no guests, the costs will be greatly relaxed, even including the plane tickets or the trip to the chosen place within Spain -Andalusia-.

  • 2.- The Family and its customs

It is difficult for two families to agree, they always influence how wanting to organize a wedding, the commitments of friends, the customs, and that is where this adventure wedding -an elopement wedding- becomes ideal.

Simplicity and romanticism of the organization without pressure.

  • 3.- You don't like planning and the traditional wedding

Planning a great wedding is a challenge that not all of us are prepared to face. Traditional weddings are not your style, although your families are delighted, and you want to avoid the stress that this organization entails.

You already have another argument to make your adventure wedding.

  • 4.- Remarriage?

Well look, we continue to find excuses for an adventure wedding: more intimate and personal, and if you have children from other couples you could take advantage of this wedding as a family, your group in privacy and in contact with nature: A smaller adventure wedding and simple.

  • 5.- Increase and take care of complicity with your couple: Wedding & Honeymoon

The complicity in the couple grows over time, that trust makes them mature and the emotion of having that "special secret" will create a precious and sacred moment: curious it will be the day that they communicate to their friends and family how they are going to marry...

  • 6.- Do I get engaged before our elopement?

A meeting could be held in your home to celebrate the engagement, but it is not necessary, since this adventure wedding is offering you the opportunity to break all the expectations of a traditional wedding: They will be choosing an original and different way to go one step further as a couple.

Take advantage of this adventure wedding and combine it with your Honeymoon. You will surely save more money than you think.