Forever Living to Hold 2009 European Rally in Malaga

16/02/2009 - Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga

Malaga's Tradeshow and Congress Centre will be hosting 8,000 delegates from 50 European countries at the 2009 European Rally of Forever Living Products, the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera, scheduled to be held from 27-28 February.

Malaga has been chosen by Forever Living to host then 2008 European Rally, an annual event in which the company brings together distributors from all over Europe to celebrate the year’s successes and promote corporate spirit. The European has been held previously in Budapest (Hungary), Stockholm (Sweden), and Nice (France), among other cities.

Operating directly in 135 countries, Forever Living Products is not only the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera but also the company with the greatest number of aloe vera barbadensis Miller plantations.

Local and provincial companies have provided all the products and services required for holding the event in Malaga, thus promoting the provinces chief industries, such as tourism, transport and hospitality.

Malaga short on hotels
Malaga’s hotels are unable to accommodate the 8,000 delegates of the Forever Living’s 2009 European Rally, thus obliging the organizers to reserve rooms at hotels in Torremolinos. Likewise, the organizers of the 14th National Congress of Hypertension, due to be held from 5-8 March, with an expected attendance of 4,100 delegates, have had to follow suit.

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