Orchestra Conductors Have Longest Life Expectancy

28/06/2008 - Agrojardín Garden Centre

In favour of promoting a better quality of life, Agrojardin organised a seminar entitled "Natural Health and Welfare", which was held at the company’s Estepona garden centre on 26 June 2008. The seminar’s keynote speaker was Fernando Ania, an internationally renowned professor, founder of the Ontario Homeopathic Association, and manager of the Hotel Kempinski’s Eminence Med Spa.

During the seminar, which was held in Agrojardin’s indoor plant section, Professor Ania stressed the important role that harmony plays in life, for which reason orchestra conductors have the longest life expectancy.

According to Professor Ania, the most frequent illnesses are due to bad habits and modern lifestyle. Likewise, he warned his audience about the danger of using sun creams as they allow for an exposure that is greater than the human body can support, with alarming consequences.

He advocated for a more natural form of medicine and diet, recommending that people take more care over the ingredients comprising their daily diet, using those foodstuffs that were about a century ago. Furthermore, he stated that our diet, fears, lifestyle and profession reveal the illnesses that we are most likely to suffer from in the future.

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