Tabladillo, ’2017 Spanish Food Award’

09/08/2018 - Ifema Convenciones y Congresos

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment recognizes the introduction of innovative techniques and their international projection

is once again in the news for winning an award that endorses the company’s history, the 2017 Spanish Food Award granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment.

This XXX edition of the award recognises the work done by companies and professionals that have distinguished themselves by producing, offering and distributing high quality Spanish food. As for Tabladillo, it was decided that this small company has managed to implement innovative techniques in the commercialization of Segovia-style roasted suckling pig. The product in question is ’Al horno y punto’, which is successfully sold in 20 countries. The Ministry underlined that the product is particularly important abroad compared to others in its category because it is technologically innovative and stands out for its ingredients and attractiveness.

Also highlighted was the increase in the company’s daily production, which has increased twentyfold in the last 15 years, and the strong international expansion with sales growth of up to 500% in just three years, when its export department began operations.

David de María, the managing director of the company, said that the Tabladillo team is deeply honoured. The award recognizes the work of each worker and encourages them to continue to grow and improve all processes.

’Al horno y punto’ is a package that contains a quarter of a fresh suckling pig which can be baked at home by following three simple steps. It is notable for its healthy characteristics since it is a suckling pig fed only with breast milk and to which only a pinch of salt has been added.

About Tabladillo

For more than 50 years, Tabladillo has been dedicated to the production and commercialization of white suckling pig, typical of the city of Segovia. Tabladillo has control over the piglets from birth since the farms where they acquire the animals are owned by or have exclusivity agreements with Tabladillo. This guarantees adequate quality control. They also market the ‘Marca de Calidad Procose’ suckling pig, which is specially bred with strict quality control and is part of the well-known ’Tierra de Sabor’ brand. Tabladillo’s mission has always been to improve and transmit the excellent flavours of Segovia suckling pig. They achieve this through intensely monitoring the service, professionalism and quality provided to all their customers.
Tabladillo, ’2017 Spanish Food Award’

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