Stages for events in the city Barcelona

15/10/2017 - Saez DeCom

If you intend to organize an event and need an original, modern and complete stage, our friends at Saez Decom have the perfect solution. The firm’s experience and determination when designing and making the best in stages are unbeatable. With a fully equipped workshop and the best professionals in the business, the firm can handle the most innovative projects in the city of Barcelona. When talent and creativity come together to design event stages with a flawless execution by carpenters and assembly teams, the result is excellent.

Saez Decom offers a full stage assembly service for events, handling everything down to the smallest detail. From the design and manufacturing to the finished product’s transport at the time and place stipulated by the client, through its assembly, always with the best finish and inside the deadline, the firm leaves nothing to chance. For this reason, it offers its clients a 24-hour service, if necessary working through the night to ensure that your stage is ready for your events (such is its dedication and passion!).

Saez Decom’s assembles all its stages on time, as well as taking the safety of its staff and the participants at the event very seriously, in accordance with the safety standards in force in order to avoid accidents.

The firm provides all types of stages – stages with ramps, modular stages, rotating stages, backlit stages, etc. – for trade shows, congresses, corporate events, weddings, product presentations, etc.

To see Saez Decom’s quality finishes for yourself, browse our portfolio, and if in doubt contact us and we will be delighted to assist you in any way.
Stages for events in the city Barcelona

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