Luxury Rooms at Barajas T4

15/03/2014 - SÖRENSEN

Nearly 700sqm of facilities open 7/24 all year round.

Barajas International Airport now has a room service with its own arrival hall on Floor -1 of Terminal 4 (T4), close to the underground, train station and the shuttle service linking the airport’s different terminals.

The facilities have been designed in such a way as to allow guests to choose between several booking options: access only to the shower and washroom area, or full access to all the available facilities, including one of the 22 rooms (each measuring approximately 20sqm) . Likewise, clients can book a full night or just a few hour during the day.

This flexible product adapts to the needs of any passenger wanting to rest comfortably the night before his or her trip or looking for somewhere to relax between flights. Moreover, the new facilities also provide all those passengers, above business travellers, with a place to shower and get a bite to eat after a long-haul flight, before starting work. To this end, the facilities feature a buffet area, a computer corner, and Internet access, as well as another rest area with sofas and TV.

It is important to note that any traveller, whether he or she is an airline loyalty card holder or not, can book a room, a shower and breakfast, or any value added service offered by Premium Air Rooms.

With the opening of Premium Air Rooms, Madrid-Barajas, one of the European airports with the greatest growth potential, has thus followed in the footsteps of the chief international hubs that already offer these types of services, managed in this case by the company GIS Trade Center, under the Premium Traveller brand. The company has a long track record in managing facilities of this kind, some of which have been operational since 2009, as is the case of Barcelona-El Prat’s Air Room service.

Premium Air Rooms at Barajas

Premium Air Rooms at Barajas

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