Evento Soluciones with Rosendo

05/04/2011 - Evento Soluciones

Evento Soluciones has signed a collaboration contract with the production company SomosMonos to film the making of the Rosendo concert, which will serve as promotion and form a part of the archive of the events handles by this new Malaga-based production company.

On 8 April, Evento Soluciones will cover the concert to be given by Rosend at the Paris 15 venue, with Los Patrañas, a local group with a long track record in the music world, as support band.

The chief aim of Evento Soluciones is to film all the activities that Rosendo has programmed in Malaga, so that fans can see how the concert was staged, including backstage filming, the band's arrival at the concert venue and short footage of the concert.

Evento Soluciones, an AV equipment rental company, has been commissioned to supply technical staff and equipment for filming. After post-production and editing in different user-friendly formats, the video will be distributed by SomosMonos.

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