Lisbon to Host the 7th Global Travel and Tourism Summit

05/05/2007 - 7th Global Travel and Tourism Summit

The Lisbon Conference Centre will be the venue of the 7th Global Travel & Tourism Summit to be held from 10-12 May.

Conference Overview
The summit, organised by the WTTC, is designed to facilitate meaningful dialogue among the world’s travel and tourism industry and government leaders. As the highest profile event in the industry calendar, the summit provides a unique platform for decision-makers where they can shape the future of one of the world’s largest industries.

The Programme
One of the largest and most dynamic industries of today’s global economy, travel and tourism is booming across the world. By the end of this year, it is set to account for 10.3 per cent of global GDP and more than 234 million jobs.

As millions of inhabitants in the new emerging tourism source markets prepare to venture beyond their national borders for the first time, well-seasoned markets and global businesses continue to generate more and more travel and tourism activity. However, the speed and vigour of this global growth is not being met with adequate levels of planning, facilitation and development.

In order to sustain an industry like travel and tourism, it is absolutely imperative to protect the environment. Growth must be managed responsibly and investment must be made now for a sustainable future, reconciling economics, the environment and social and cultural priorities.

Presidents, chairmen and CEOs of the world’s foremost Travel & Tourism companies will assemble with senior government officials and media from across the world at the Global Travel & Tourism Summit in May 2007 to discuss these pressing issues under the theme breaking barriers - managing growth.

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