Greencities Open to New Ideas of Young Entrepreneurs

24/04/2011 - Palacios de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga

One of the new features of the 2nd edition of the Energy Efficient Buildings and Urban Spaces Show, "Greencities", is the new "+ innovation, + efficiency" area keyed to showcasing the ideas emerging from the industry's youngest companies, with the aim of achieving energy efficient cities that are environmentally friendly.

Scheduled to be held from 6-8 October at the Malaga Tradeshow and Congress Centre (FYCMA), the show will include this new platform designed to present the new products and services being developed by companies with the aim of achieving responsible energy consumption in cities.

At a special price, companies established not more than two years ago will be able to use this area to showcase their products and service, as well as generating leads and business and collaboration opportunities. Furthermore, the area is also open to the projects of incubators, university and research centre spinoffs and the initiatives of organizations participating in scientific-technological networks, among others.

In addition to this area located in the show's exhibition area, young entrepreneurs will also have the opportunity to inform attendees and delegates about their projects in the "Aula Greencities", comprising another of the show's sections which will also include workshops and commercial presentations.

The "Espacio de Experiencias," exhibition area, seminars and parallel programme complete a show that will put the emphasis on all the factors involved in achieving energy efficient cities.

As with last year's edition, the show's 2nd edition – in which a large number of institutions are collaborating – is supported by Malaga City Council, the Andalusian regional government and Malaga University (UMA). Media partners include Energetica XXI, and Further information at:

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