MSB massa barzano’s Iberia Stand Design Winner of Corporate Award at FITUR 2011

31/01/2011 - MSB massa bárzano

The Spanish tradeshow service multinational MSB massa barzano was commissioned to design the Iberia and British Airways' stand for the recent edition of FITUR, which won the best stand design in the corporate category.

This award underlines the efficiency of the strategy implemented by the company revolving around the design of stands that awaken different feelings in the beholder, more akin to experience marketing than to the four-wall concept for displaying brochures.

Iberia gave MSB free rein to design a stand that differed from the traditional concept; a space with a modern, spectacular and original design offering visitors a special sensory experience.

MSB's team designed the stand's 607sqm in island format, completely covered by a truss roof lined with a canvass representing a cloudy sky. But its most outstanding feature was its two big wood “wings” on which the logos of both companies were screened, along with a number of other logos. The large backlit images displayed throughout the stand also attracted the attention of the public.

As regards the materials employed, the stand's floor was made of white melamine imbedded with blue and red LEDs simulating a landing strip; and the truss roof of wood, whose ceiling was covered with a large printed canvass. All the facings were made of wood, featuring a large number of images. The innovative and original main counter, also made of wood and imbedded with white LEDs, was another of the stand's main features.

In short, an original, elegant stand which, above all, was designed to better understand the desires of the public; an approach that was justly acknowledged by FITUR with the best corporate stand award, “standing out for its simplicity and rotund message, transmitted in a sole gesture,” in the words of the jury.

This is not the only award that the company's projects have obtained at FITUR. In 2009, the Region of Murcia's 1,300sqm stand received the best regional stand award; and in 2010 AC Hotels' stand received the best corporate stand award.

The award-winning Iberia stand at FITUR 2011

The award-winning Iberia stand at FITUR 2011

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