Canaries Congress Centre Renews Quality Standard Certification

03/01/2011 - Palacio de Congresos de Canarias

The Congress Centre of the Canaries is one of a select group of congress centre with this national and internationally recognized standard certification, and the only centre in the Canaries.

The Congress Centre of Canaries has recently renewed its Q for Quality Tourism Certification – issued by the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR) – showing that the quality and professionalism of its services and facilities have satisfactorily passed an external and independently conducted ISO 9001:2000 follow-up audit.

The congress centre has been the first venue of its kind in the Canary Islands to obtain the Q for Quality Tourism Certification, according to the Spanish Tourist Quality Institute, comprising the different tourist industry associations and federations in Spain and the Secretariat General of Tourism belonging to the Ministry of Industry. This means that the venue complies with a series of requirements based on factors such as prestige, differentiation, reliability and rigorousness.
  • Prestige: the quality certification highlights the commitment of the congress centre to achieving full client satisfaction, covering clients needs and excelling their expectations with an excellent service.
  • Differentiation: only those venues ensuring quality levels established by the Service Quality Norms currently in force are eligible for the certification.
  • Reliability: the mechanisms used to evaluate the level of compliance with the norms are independent and designed according to cross-sector regulations.
  • Rigorousness: so as to obtain the certification it is essential to pass a number of objective tests established in the aforementioned regulations and norms.
  • Promotion: by public administrations on behalf of consumers.

The renewal of this certification forms a part of the Congress Centre of the Canaries’ Strategic Plan for 2009-2012. Currently, only five congress centres in Spain have obtained both certifications.

Canaries Congress Centre renews Quality Standard Certification

Canaries Congress Centre renews Quality Standard Certification

By measuring these indicators, the Congress Centre of the Canaries ensures that its facilities are managed correctly, while allowing it to obtain data that can be analyzed with the aim of continuously improving service.
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