Malaga Chamber of Commerce Announces First MBE Programme in Business Tourism

15/07/2010 - Cámara de Comercio de Málaga

The Business School of the Malaga Chamber of Commerce has just announced the first MBE Programme in Business Tourism, co-sponsored by MIS Consulting, in collaboration with the Spanish chapter of MPI and the Iberian chapter of ICCA.

The MBE has been created due to the need for highly qualified meetings and event professionals, with practical skills as well as academic knowledge, in all the public institutions and private companies related to the MICE industry.

The MBE programme, whose lectures will be given at the chamber of commerce’s facilities from January 2011-December 2011, totalling 500 hours, is geared to public sector employees responsible for business tourism, as well as director generals, and sales and marketing directors of service providers related to the business tourism industry. Lectures will be given on Fridays, from 5-10pm, and on Saturdays, from 9am-14pm, and the majority of modules will be in Spanish, with a few in English.

Candidates, who must have professional experience and a university degree, can submit applications from July-December 2010. The programme is limited to 45 students and costs €7,200.

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