Tudela Asparagus Seasons Starts at Caserio Ananda

16/04/2010 - Caserío Ananda

As is customary every year, the Tudela asparagus season has just begun at Caserio Ananda, for all those hankering after this particular ambrosia.

Until the end of June, clients of Caserio Ananda, a restaurant located in Estacion El Colmenar (Cortes de la Frontera), serving a fusion of Andalusian and Navarre cuisine, will be able to savour asparagus from Tudela, authentic food of the Gods.

Origins and characteristics
Navarre asparagus are the fleshy stems of the plant Asparagus Officinalis, mainly cultivated on the banks of the River Ebro in Tudela.

This type of asparagus is white (indicating that it has remained below ground, without being exposed to the sun), with a characteristically smooth texture, low or inexistent fibrosity, and a flavour striking the perfect balance between smoothness and bitterness.

This flowering plant species has a system of tuberous roots with stems on which the buds giving rise to the asparagus form.

The cultivation of this plant requires a lot of work to avoid its exposition to the sun which would turn the vegetable green. The asparagus are harvested between April and June.

Aspargus are very low in calories and protein, while very high in fibre. Likewise, they are highly diuretic and easily digestible. Bon appétit!

Preparing asparagus from Tudela

Preparing asparagus from Tudela

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