Cook Ibiza
Service traiteur et barbecues pour mariages et fêtes à Ibiza, Espagne

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Charlies Agency Vara de Rey, 4 - Galeria Alhambra Ibiza, IB 07800 Spain
07800 Ibiza Ibiza

Cook Ibiza transforms your villa or party into a feast for all the senses. Cook Ibiza provides mouth-watering tailored menus for every occasion and specialises in sensational BBQs. We transform locally sourced meat and produce into fabulous food with a festive vibe. In addition to its famous barbeque (think whole suckling pigs and lambs, handmade local sausages, and finger-lickin' ribs) does private villa catering all over Ibiza. Its budget-friendly party menus (minimum 30 people) include Mediterranean, French, and vegetarian cuisine; or whatever you request.

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