Es.Cultura Commissioned to Organize Rocio-style Pilgrimage for Incentive Group

05/05/2009 - Es.Cultura

Commissioned by Viajes Adriano DMC, Es.Cultura recently organized an authentic Rocio-style pilgrimage at Hacienda Clarevot, in Seville, for 130 employees of a multinational insurance company.

Drums, fireworks, carts, horses, pilgrims’ staffs, flowers and shawls set the scene for the Rocio-style pilgrimage, consisting of the pilgrimage itself, the traditional “parás” (pauses), and a final party.

Three sky rockets marked the start of the one-kilometre pilgrimage, which the group covered on foot or in carts, perfectly decorated for the occasion, accompanied by a Rocio choir, rumba and sevillana dancers, and a flamenco group, who purpose was to entertain the participants and rouse their spirits.

Halfway there, there was a half-hour pause during which the group was treated to an aperitif around a number of bonfires. Then, to sound of sky rockets, the participants covered the rest of the way to the hacienda and the party.

Once at the hacienda, everyone had dinner while the performances by the singer Manuel de Angustia, the Triana Choir and the flamenco dancers, who had accompanied the group during the pilgrimage, allowed the group to experience a unique and authentic southern Spanish festival, which lasted until late at night.

Viajes Adriano and Es.Cultura designed the programme with the aim of providing the participants with the opportunity to live a unique experience, full of merriment and comradeship, leaving an indelible mark on their memory.

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