Andalusian Regional Government Subsidies for Hotels Over 15 Years Old

14/07/2008 - Junta de Andalucía

Hotels and farmhouse or hacienda-type country accommodation opened more than 15 years ago can now request subsidies from the Andalusian Regional Government for overhauling and refurbishing their facilities.

Projects should envisage a minimum investment of 600,000 euros. In the case of hotels, subsidies will cover a maximum of 25% of the total investment, and in that of country accommodation, 30%. The investment in furnishings should not surpass 20% of the total cost of the project. The deadline for requesting subsidies ends on 12 August 2008.

Refurbishment projects are mainly geared to reforming and modernising facilities for installing organizational technologies and systems geared to improving existing management systems; to building or adapting facilities for installing non-polluting energy sources, energy and water saving systems, waste treatment or recycling systems o those designed to reduce environmental noise or light, security or fire systems, and systems for improving the environment; and to reforming and modernising hotels, with priority given to projects aimed at obtaining a category of four stars or more and to those that envisage improving access and creating facilities for the disabled.

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