El Montanyà Resort and Spa Revamps Website

16/10/2009 - Hotel El Montanyà

Aware of the constant evolution of the Information Society and new technologies and, consequently, new consumer trends, the Montanya Resort & Spa has recently redesigned its website so as to adapt the resort's services to consumer needs.

Until now, the hotel’s website was structured according to the company’s functional and organizational units, and it was not always easy for visitors to find the information they were looking for. With the aim of solving this problem, the resort has defined four client segments, based on interests: private breaks, corporate events, sports camps, and family celebrations. The information on each segment has been included in four different minisites located on the home page for easy access.

On occasion of the launching of El Montanya’s revamped website, the resort is currently offering a number of special promotions.

Actualité - Hotel El Montanyà

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