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11/09/2009 - Eikonos Servicios Audiovisuales

The Barcelona-based audiovisual service provider, Eikonos, is currently collaborating with the organizers of the modern art exhibition Post-human. Adiós al hombre. Síntomas del Sueño, InDiferencias y cIBERIA.

From 7 September-1 October, Casa Elizalde will be hosting the interdisciplinary exhibition Post-human. Adiós al hombre. Síntomas del Sueño, InDiferencias y cIBERIA, by the visual creators George Rodez, Gonzalo Obes, and Adria Nomada.

Eikonos has been commissioned to supply new technologies for this exhibition of three poetics that question the paradigm of civilization and which are included as part of a discourse articulating diverse forms of fusion and post-utopian ensembles (the existential, the instrumental, the political and the anthropological) from the standpoint not of rationality, but of accident; a vindication of failure, a transcendental breakdown.

New technologies and new forms to be understood in new times, this project sets a precedent as regards the relationship between science and art, technology and humanism, instrumentality and aesthetic-philosophical thinking.

With a surprising video installation, Eikonos has contributed its know-how to the project, putting technology at the service of art and adding value to these artists’ ideas, giving a metaphorical meaning to their work by means of apparently cold technique.

In short, it is an exhibition in which three creators investigate the paradoxes of modernity with technology acting as a link.

The exhibition will include a varied parallel programme, including the screening of the feature films Zeitgeist I and II by the American director Peter Joseph, followed by a debate between artists and critics, the concert La Razón TransFuga, songs, sonic and visual poems, etc.

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