Melia Hotels International Improves Transparency and Performance in Carbon Disclosure Project Iberia 125 Index

26/12/2011 - Meliá Hotels International

Melia Hotels International has improved its score in the most recent report released by the Carbon Disclosure Project Iberia 125, which assess the performance in reducing CO2 emissions, as well as the transparency of reporting, of the 125 Spanish and Portuguese companies with the greatest stock market capitalization.

The company chaired by Gabriel Escarrer has obtained 74 points out of 100 in carbon disclosure, which measures reporting transparency – compared with the 26 points obtained last year – and a C rating (on a scale of six ratings) in carbon performance.

Melia Hotels International has highlighted the improvement of 48 points on last year's score, thanks to the chain's heightened commitment and transparency as regards business operations related to climate change. Some of the most important milestones include the chain's strategic positioning concerning energy and water efficiency as established in its strategic plan, incorporating aspects related to climate change in its risk map, introducing sustainable development objectives in the variable remuneration of all its executives, implementing initiatives geared to improving energy efficiency at the chain's properties, and designing products and services that favour the reduction of emissions.

This improved ranking is thanks to the company's transparency and the continuous improvements introduced over the years as regards responsible tourism practices. Along these lines, Melia Hotels International's last Sustainability Report, obtaining Global Reporting Initiative's A+ certification, was audited by an independent company.

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