Full Moon Party a Resounding Success both in Attendance Figures and Organization

02/08/2011 - Makyre Eventos y Comunicación

The event agency Makyre was commissioned to organize the event by the Manilva Tourist Office.

The party, which commenced at 9pm and ended at 3am, completely fulfilled the expectations of the town’s department of tourism and Emilio Lopez, the local tourism delegate, as regards both the goals and the ambience created by chill out and house music.

Rising on schedule at 9.47pm, the appearance of the full moon – accompanied by a light easterly breeze – got the party off to spectacular start and set the mood for a memorable event.

On a 300m stretch of beach there was a sound system, countless candles and torches, and white mattresses and beach furniture. Musical entertainment was provided by a well-known DJ and a magnificent saxophonist who delighted guests with a number of solos, in addition to jugglers, acrobats, fire eaters, a Brazilian batucada, a capoeira show, and samba dancers.

Full Moon Party a resounding success both in attendance figures and organization

Full Moon Party a resounding success both in attendance figures and organization

Following the instructions of Lopez Berenguer, the promenade’s lights did not come on until 1am, which added to the spectacle. And at 11 and 12pm, over 150 lantern balloons were launched.

Thousands of residents and visitors attended this new party, a milestone in Manilva, and many were the compliments received by Lopez Berenguer and Pepi Valenzuela, the town’s chief of tourism.

The event was covered by several TV channels, including Canal 43 and Cuatro, whose reporter Rafa Mendez interviewed the Mayoress and Lopez Berenguer for a programme broadcasted last week.
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