SERGS Surgery Chooses ICS - Denmark as Their Core PCO and AMC

27/03/2011 - ICS - Denmark

SERGS has just signed a four-year contract with ICS - International Conference Services, Denmark, for handling of their new association congresses.

ICS's main objectives will include increasing association membership, sponsorship and attendance figures at SERGS' yearly conferences. ICS will also handle all the logistics in connection with the congresses, the next one being scheduled for September 2011 in Belgium.

"We are very happy that SERGS has chosen to partner with us," says Per Ankaer, managing director of ICS. "ICS has been chosen due to the right combination of risk sharing and a proper business plan, along with PCO's many years of experience. SERGS is a new organization comprising a large number of specialists, who a couple of years ago decided to form their own association, and ICS was the right partner with its innovative approach," concludes Per Ankaer.

For further information, please contact Per Ankaer on +45 39 460 510 or at: [email protected]

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