Albayt Resort Launches First Olive Oil Spa on the Costa del Sol

02/08/2009 - Albayt Resort y Spa

This new concept, so characteristic of Andalusia, opens the door to a broad range of olive oil therapy treatments, which are being offered for the first time on the Andalusian coast by the Albayt Resort tourist complex's spa and wellness centre.

According to several studies, olive oil reduces the risk of skin cancer and prevents damage to DNA, associated with aging. The virtues of applying olive oil to the skin are not new. “Discovered” by the ancient Egyptians, who limited it use to body and hair massages, it was the Romans and Arabs who extended its use to cooking, soap making, and preparing emulsions (beating oil and water together) and ointments (with olive oil and beeswax) to improve the appearance of the skin and prevent dermatological problems.

The products used in treatments contain handmade and 100% natural oil-based ingredients. The high oleic acid levels of extra virgin olive oil not only help to maintain and reconstruct the skin, but also have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, invigorating, regenerative and firming properties.

Albayt Resort has designed a broad range of treatments based on the beneficial properties of this “golden liquid”, with a special launch price of EUR 139 for two people, including a free kindergarten service – for children over three – for clients using the spa during the morning.

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