RMB Design Solutions Efficiently Interprets and Projects Krannich Solar's Corporate Image at Different European Shows

20/05/2011 - RMB Design Solutions

Krannich Solar is one the five largest suppliers in the European photovoltaic solar energy industry, offering a range of products including solar panels, mounting brackets, solar inverters for grid-connected and stand-alone installations, voltage regulators and batteries.

In this interview, a representative of Krannich Solar tells us how RMB Design Solutions managed to efficiently interpret and project the company's corporate image at different European tradeshows.

To what degree and how has RMB Design Solutions helped Krannich Solar handle its corporate communication?
"Since the end of 2007, RMB Design Solutions has been helping us participate in national and international tradeshows. After winning two bids in Spain, and two in France and Italy, the Argentine group is now handling the tradeshow participation of Krannich Solar's three Mediterranean subsidiaries."

Through homogeneity and coherence with Krannich Solar's corporate identity
"RMB Design Solutions has always successfully reflected Krannich Solar's corporate identity, creating original stands and, what is more important, differentiating them from those of its competitors. In addition, RMB uses identifying elements of Krannich, designing unique forms that are easily identifiable with the company, without the need for using our logo."

Understanding the character, personality and culture of the company
"RMB Design Solutions' team has been capable of understanding our needs, business culture and philosophy, materializing them in an architectural project, such as a tradeshow stand, without forgetting the need to gear the design to the values of our target audience."

Reinforcing the company's position at a global level
"One of the results of our collaboration with RMB Design Solutions is an increase in brand awareness not only in Spain, but also in Italy and France. This has helped us differentiate our products from those of our competitors and transmit our competitive edge to our target audience in the three Mediterranean countries."

RMB Design Solutions efficiently interprets and projects Krannich Solar's corporate image in different European shows

RMB Design Solutions efficiently interprets and projects Krannich Solar's corporate image in different European shows

How do you rate RMB Design Solutions' advice on how to maximize tradeshow ROI?
"I think it is very good and very useful and, although we do not always see eye to eye, we do appreciate their initiative and ideas. Only in this way can we continue to use new technologies in our tradeshow marketing strategies."

In your opinion, which design and architectural solutions have been suitable and functional and why?
Krannich Solar's anagram
"It has worked wonderfully because this element makes the stand recognizable, without the logo having to be visible, which is very important, above all when taking into account that our competitors' stands tend to be rectangular, and without the logo they all look pretty similar."

Product showcasing
"RMB has proposed a way of exhibiting our photovoltaic modules using the mounting brackets made by the German firm K2 Systems, of which we are the exclusive distributors. It is not only a unique solution, but also allows us 'to kill two birds with one stone' by showing visitors both the panels and the mounting systems."

What is important to you when partnering with a tradeshow stand design and construction and service provider?
"It is important that we speak the same language, and I am not referring to Spanish. The provider does not only have to be a good designer and project manager, but also has to understand our needs and know how to satisfy them in the way that meets our expectations."

How would you summarize the state of affairs before and after your collaboration with RMB Design Solutions?
"The first stands in Spain were assembled by a German supplier working with the group. Unfortunately, the design was not geared to the Spanish market, since it reflected the mentality and aesthetic tastes of the Germans. In addition, the prices were also German, labour costs being slightly higher there than they are in Spain. We were not very pleased with our first local supplier, since the finished product was not what we had expected. For the same reason, we decided to launch a tender to find a new supplier for 2008, and RMB Design Solutions submitted the winning bid. After partnering with them for a year, we launched another tender, which made us understand that the team at RMB Design Solutions was the one that best fitted the supplier profile that we were looking for. In addition, we have a close working relationship with all the members of the company's team, as if they formed a part of our own staff; they are our friends and good advisors."

"We understand that a stand is part and parcel of our corporate communication strategy and our clients have also understood this to be true. For this reason, we have not only used this design in several Spanish cities, but also in Milan, Verona, and Rome in Italy, and in Paris and Montpellier in France, thus successfully managing to unify our brand's corporate image."

RMB Design Solutions' stand design for Krannich Solar

RMB Design Solutions' stand design for Krannich Solar

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