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AV Medios Stand at Event Days 2010 a Sound Success

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Date of publication: 30/10/2010 – AV Medios
AV Medios Stand at Event Days 2010 a Sound SuccessAV Medios participated as an exhibitor and keynote speaker at the show Event Days 2010, offering visitors the possibility of watching a live broadcast of the event in 3D, as well as footage of several spots filmed and edited using 3D techniques.

Visitors were given special polarized glasses so as to be able to view the 3D effects, which are now a household name thanks to feature films such as Avatar. These glasses, along with a number of 8,000 lumen projectors, fitted with special lenses, and a high power screen, helped to draw visitors to AV Medios’ stand.

AV Medios at the show Event Days 2010

AV Medios at the show Event Days 2010

The aim of AV Medios’ stand was to show visitors the many possibilities that 3D has for the meetings and event industry so as to fully engage attendees and make their experience a more memorable one, with all the advantages that this implies.

It seems that 3D is here to stay. It has already made a grand entrance in the film industry, and also in television with several channels broadcasting with this system, and now the time has come for the meetings and event industry, highlighting messages and maximizing impact as no other technology has managed to do before.

Furthermore, Hugo Gutierrez, marketing and communication manager at AV Medios, participated in the Hora Tecno, a programme of educational sessions of a technical nature, keyed to explaining the latest trends in the audiovisual industry and discussing the solutions that they offer the meetings and event and multimedia production industries.

According to industry analysts, the implementation of 3D systems will attract a greater number of attendees and improve their perception of the event, allowing for a larger variety of options and greater dynamism, and making the event more interactive, among other many possibilities, limited only by the imagination of the organizers.

The video below shows the excellent work of the technicians responsible for assembling AV Medios’ stand – with a trust-type structure. With a number of large screens for showcasing past projects, automated, multicoloured lighting systems, gobos projecting the company logo on the floor and ceiling of the exhibition hall at IFEMA, and sound systems, AV Medios deployed a full battery of audiovisual systems to catch the attention of visitors to the show.

Assembling AV Medios’ stand at E-days 2010

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Video (AV Medios)

AV Medios: AV equipment rental Spain

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