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EIBTM 2014

The Global Meetings & Events Expo, Barcelona 18-20 November
The Global Meetings & Events Expo, Barcelona 18-20 November

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Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the meeting and event industry’s most dynamic global community, helps its members – more than 24,000 members belonging to 71 chapters and clubs worldwide – thrive by providing human connections to knowledge and ideas, relationships, and marketplaces.

TMP, MPI’s monthly magazine, available both in paper edition and online, taps the expertise of industry leaders from all over the world to provide it readership with the latest meetings and event industry trends.

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Level Up

Level Up
How online gaming techniques can help you design and deliver better meeting content.I am fascinated by technology. The reason? Because when I unpick the reasons behind innovations, I like to ...
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Thinking beyond Green Meetings

Thinking beyond Green Meetings
How to handle social media during your socially responsible events.Transparency is one of the commandments of social responsibility, enhancing other socially responsible actions such as stakeholder engagement. Social media is ...
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Hybrid Across Boundaries

Hybrid Across Boundaries
A hybrid meeting approach helped eBay—the company that brings strangers worldwide together to buy and sell goods online—bring its own European team together.This case study is one piece of MPI’s ...
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Adopting Better Discount Practices

Adopting Better Discount Practices
The second of a three-part pricing series, this article focuses on improving the use discounts to boost attendance, engagement and room block pickup, while improving social and environmental performance.This is ...
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Framing the Pricing Picture: Revenue, Risk and Registration

Framing the Pricing Picture: Revenue, Risk and Registration
The first in a three-part pricing series, this article examines myriad essential pricing considerations for meetings and events. Let’s face it: Between the economy, scandals and competition from free online ...
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Right Place, Right Time

Right Place, Right Time
If new technology is implemented correctly, it could go a long way in allowing your delegates more options to connect with one another.I don’t usually like technology interfering with live ...
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Is It Safe to Return to the Water?

Is It Safe to Return to the Water?
How economically challenged european countries can be a boon for U.S. Meetings"Spain’s Credit Crunch," "Greece’s Euro Woes," "Challenges for Europe’s Economic Core." These are just some of the recent news ...
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Marketing Sustainable Habits

Marketing Sustainable Habits
How to convince your customers that choosing what’s better for the planet is better for your event.Green washing is gone. It’s no longer accepted when companies say they are sustainable. ...
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The Curse of the Bored Attendees

The Curse of the Bored Attendees
Get your audience involved—and keep them that way—with these 11 tips for excellent engagement. "Engagement" reached official buzzword status long ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s an idea that should ...
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Make Your Meeting Smart

Make Your Meeting Smart
What smartphone technology can teach (and remind) us about meeting design.The message being debated about MPI’s future of meetings within groups, surveys and expert interviews is emphatic: don’t use technology ...
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Feeling Gamey?

Feeling Gamey?
Gamification in the meetings you plan next can help foster confidence with your attendees.What is your organization’s most valuable asset: Employees? Customers? Intellectual property? Leadership? Brand? I believe your most ...
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Our Futures in Infotainment

Our Futures in Infotainment
We need to create information like TV producers do.Flying from Boston to Phoenix on Jetblue last month, I caught a glimpse of what inspires National Geographic and history channel programs ...
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Greening Engagement

Greening Engagement
Sustainability practices bond employees (and attendees) to a company and drive innovation.Ask David Oakey, a carpet designer at Interface Flor, for his inspiration for 2003’s über-popular (and, now, oft knocked ...
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MPI’s One+ Named to Top 10 Magazines of the Year List

MPI’s One+ Named to Top 10 Magazines of the Year List
Meeting Professionals International’s (MPI) member magazine has been named to the Top Ten Best Magazines of the Year in 2012 by the American Society of Business Publications Editors (ASBPE) Azbee Awards of ...
(Views: 2,394) See more

Jesus Maria Gomez Merino Appointed President of Spanish Chapter of MPI

Jesus Maria Gomez Merino Appointed President of Spanish Chapter of MPI
Jesus Maria Gomez Merino will occupy the post for the next two years.Jesus Maria Gomez Merino was appointed to the post of president during the Annual Associates’ Meeting of the ...
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Numbers + Narrative

Numbers + Narrative
How to find your Social Return on Investment (SROI).Many event professionals try to make a positive difference through community service events, in support of a social responsibility (CSR) program. It ...
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Building Your Trojan Horse

Building Your Trojan Horse
The challenge of finding profit and success in today’s tough landscape as seen through a unique European lens.It’s unlikely the ancient Greeks’ legendary Trojan Horse maneuver would have much military ...
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The Future of Meetings

The Future of Meetings
Technology trends present challenges for the industry, but also present opportunities to enhance and extend meetings beyond face value.Technology is the most significant area of change facing the industry. In ...
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CSR: Why Do You Care?

CSR: Why Do You Care?
Responses to MPI’s survey of 1,100 meeting and hospitality organizations suggest that there are a lot of altruistic people in our industry."I want to do right by the world.""I want ...
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Sustainable Games

Sustainable Games
Game mechanics enable events to fulfill genuine human needs for connection, happiness, challenge, motivation, community support—and sustainability.Serious fun through the integration of game mechanics can add power, impact and focus ...
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CSR Engagement

CSR Engagement
Meeting professionals say that a CSR policy demonstrates credibility and trustworthiness to clients and provides some market differentiation. Nine out of 10 meeting industry businesses actively engage in corporate social ...
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The Value of Virtual

The Value of Virtual
A new study reveals the realities of meetings going virtual, from the variety of formats and sourcing to measurement and comparisons to face to face.The role of virtual meetings is ...
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In Some Places Business Is a Pleasure ...
In Some Places Business Is a Pleasure

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In Some Places Business Is a Pleasure ...

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