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AECC Charity Gala a Resounding Success

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Date of publication: 16/08/2011 – Marie-Noëlle Comunicación
AECC Charity Gala a Resounding SuccessThe local committee of AECC was satisfied with the outcome of an event that reasserts the Spanish association's commitment to the fight against cancer.

Success is the word that best describes the celebration of the annual charity gala of the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC) in Marbella. On 10 August, approximately 400 guests attended the 28th edition of the Costa del Sol's charity event par excellence at the Villa Padierna Palace Hotel.

The local committee of AECC – presided by Maria Cruz Robles de Nery – was delighted with the attendance figures at this year's edition of the event. According to Rusé Caballé, the event's organizer, the number of attendees almost doubled that of previous editions, when "ticket sales were in the region of 200."

The event started at around 8.30pm with a cocktail party and photocall which brought together a number of celebrities, featuring Laura Valenzuela and Maria Pineda (both of whom have battled against cancer).

Other familiar faces included Barbara Rey, Carmen Bazen, accompanied by the girlfriend of her son Victor Janeiro, Beatriz Trapote, the ex-bullfighter Jaime Ostos and his wife Maria Angeles Grajal, the fortune-teller Rappel and the TV personality Jose Manuel Parada.

The mayoress of Marbella, Maria Angeles Muñoz, also attended the gala, even though she had just got back from a short holiday. Muñoz was accompanied by the heads of the departments of social welfare and tourism, Manuel Cardeña and Jose Luis Hernandez.

Furthermore, there was an ample turnout of entrepreneurs from all over Spain, including Jesus Ger, the owner of the Marina d'Or Group, Mariano Fuster de Juve ,the manager of Juve y Camps Wineries, and the local restaurateur Santiago Dominguez, who offered guests some freshly sliced ham.

Domi del Postigo and Rocio Roson presented the gala, which ended with a lucky draw with prizes including the traditional box full of jewelry, courtesy of the jewelers Gómez & Molina. Other company's collaborating in the event included Juve y Camps Wineries, Bulgari, Lepanto, Hospital Xanit, Joyeria Suárez, Anil Arjandas, Marina d'Or, Lady Russ, Puerto Banus La Torre, Bodegas Heredad de Borja, Bodegas Lar de Paula, Restaurante La Barca, Heineken, Schweppes, Rendelsur, Lanjaron, Nordic Mystic, Cafés Joya, Whisky Cutty Sark, Vodka Moskovskaya, Ginebra Masters, CIT Marbella, Flores Reding and Viveros de Estepona.

AECC Charity Gala a resounding success

AECC Charity Gala a resounding success

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