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gottraining Helps Speakers Improve their Skills

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Date of publication: 30/05/2009 – gottraining
gottraining Helps Speakers Improve their Skillsgottraining has recently designed a special course geared to all those people wanting to improve their public speaking skills.

There are three basic factors behind connecting with the audience and thus staging a successful presentation: the presentation itself, the speaker, and the ambience. The objective of the course designed by gottraining, a Seville-based team building and coaching company, is to combine these factors so as to maximize performance.

Comprising two four-hour sessions held the same day, the course is keyed to providing participants with tools to overcome stage fright, make the most of the fact that they are centre of attention, and manage the audience.

For further information about the course, download the pdf file.
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Who we are and how we work: Team Building Seville, Outdoor Training Andalusia

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