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The future of search: 5 ways to prepare

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The future of search: 5 ways to prepare1. Rethink your thinking
Search engine optimization used to mean garnering hundreds of back links into a website and then hoping that search engines would rank your site favorably. Prior to that, search engines only read text through robotic software applications called crawlers or bots, so optimizing was all about the text.

Search engine result pages predictably included miles and miles of text listings, along with sponsored listings that can be bought in an auction format. Thus, SEO was focused primarily on obtaining better rankings through popularity and clearly labeling your content to make sure listing results were accurate and timely.

Ah, what a grand time it was.

Today’s search results are a complex labyrinth consisting of text listings and advertisements for websites, along with video, maps, images, news, and local information. Google’s introduction of Universal Search, combined with moves by other major search engines like Yahoo and Microsoft to offer consistently "blended" search results, has changed the way results are offered to the consuming public.

Your thinking had better change with the results.

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