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Talisman Harnesses the Power of Augmented Reality

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Date of publication: 23/10/2011 – Talisman Group
    Talisman Harnesses the Power of Augmented RealityTalisman Group has begun to use Augmented Reality, a technology that is all set to be a trendsetter in the meetings and event industry. One of the last jobs the company was commissioned to carry out by Catalana Occidente included this technology, with surprising results.

    At the last event organized for the insurance company Catalana Occidente, Talisman Group used Augmented Reality. This technology combines real environments with computer-generated ones, unlike Virtual Reality which is completely computer-generated.

    Using cameras and a giant screen, it is possible to include virtual elements with which people on stage can interact in real time.

    Augmented Reality isn’t only limited to embedding objects in an image, but also involves a complex artificial vision technology capable of recognizing faces or photo-type patterns, so that virtual elements appear to "stick" to those visual markers, although these move. This technology allows for rich-media product presentations and other similar events, including 3D animation in real time, all of which makes for a high-impact audience experience.

    From now on, it will be possible to include a car or airplane on stage or animated graphics that seem to float next to the speaker.

    The main advantages of Augmented Reality are as follows:
    • Versatility, offering the event’s creative team enormous freedom of action: any kind of content can be created and combined with live video footage.
    • Modernity: a modern and sophisticated image of the event is project before the audience.
    • Novelty: the 3D real-time animation will surprise the audience, making for an unforgettable experience.
    • Interactivity: using a computer, the operator controls each animation step by step, so that the speaker does not have to adapt to a fixed time schedule, since it is the operator who launches the effects when required.
    • Advantageous as an investment: a corporate video of an event using Augmented Reality is a marketing tool nearly just as powerful as the live event itself.

    Talisman harnesses the power of Augmented Reality

    Talisman harnesses the power of Augmented Reality

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