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Atlanta Becomes Majority Shareholder in Viajes Morea

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Atlanta Becomes Majority Shareholder in Viajes MoreaAs part of its strategic plan 2011-2015, Atlanta, Travel & Corporate Events Consultants, has acquired 60% of the Madrid-based company Viajes Morea S.A., thus becoming the majority shareholder in the agency.

For Guillermo Fuster, CEO of Atlanta, the operation, which was closed in April, "while strengthening our position in Madrid, forms a part of a business strategy aimed at reinforcing Atlanta’s continued expansion."

The operation will help Atlanta and Morea increase business opportunities through bidirectional synergies, generating greater valued added for clients and suppliers. It is ultimately a step forward in the business and professional development of both companies, as well as their consolidation and that of their staff. In the words of Fuster: "Despite the complexity of the current economic climate, at Atlanta we are constantly looking for opportunities for continued growth and for strengthening our position in the business tourism segment. This investment, while consolidating our position in a city like Madrid, will allow both companies to benefit from a greater number of opportunities, better synergies and a greater purchasing power."

Established in 1987, Viajes Morea has a professional team with a solid track record in the industry and plenty of experience in the business travel segment. As with Atlanta, at Viajes Morea priority has been given to providing a customized service that best satisfies the needs of clients, "always valuing their preferences and offering them the best value for money."

With an annual turnover in the region of €59 million, Atlanta, Travel & Corporate Events Consultants, has taken its strategy as a company specializing in events, congresses and business travel to another level.

With offices in Madrid, Malaga and Seville, the company has been organizing successful events since 1980. Atlanta currently has a staff of 70 professionals providing a specialized and multilingual service with a high value added.
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