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CCIB Ends 2011 with Positive Balance

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Date of publication: 10/02/2011 – Centro de Convenciones Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB)
CCIB Ends 2011 with Positive Balance The Intenrnational Convention Centre of Barcelona (CCIB) has ended 2010 with a positive balance, exceeding all forecasts.

This is reflected by a 12.74% increase in the total number of visitors and delegates, with respect to the year before, and a global turnover up around 29% on figures for 2009. "We are delighted," said Marc Rodriguez, "since these results show that our clients have responded positively to our sales strategy based on adapting our services to their needs, improving the quality of services and facilities, and favouring innovation, without increasing our rates."

Despite initial uncertainty at the beginning of 2010 with regard to economic reactivation, event budgets have started to expand, above all in the corporate world, after the drastic cuts applied in 2009, especially in area such as meals and technology. These two aspects are among those on which CCIB has centered its differentiation strategies. Along these lines, Rodriguez stated: "Its cutting-edge technology, specialized technicians and the design of its facilities, with natural light and sea views, are the main reasons why people choose CCIB. Likewise, other important features are the centre’s excellent in-house catering service and the large selection of hotels in the vicinity."

CCIB hosted relevant international technology and medical events in 2010
In 2010, CCIB’s event agenda mainly featured the congresses and conventions of the world’s top players in the technology, computer and telecommunications industries. Along these lines, SYMANTEC held its second conference, "Vision 2010", for 1,600 clients and partners from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, at CCIB’s facilities from 4-7 October. The multinational was so satisfied with the result that it will repeating venue en 2011.

CCIB’s agenda also included other important events organized by technology leaders such as Microsoft, AVAYA, SAP and HP.

As regards the biotechnology and medical industries, one of the most important events hosted by CCIB in 2010 was the first edition of the biannual congress BIO-Europe Spring, which was attended by some 1,800 professionals from over 1,000 companies – including 101 Spanish firms – 62 exhibitors and delegations from 43 countries. Other important international events hosted by the centre include the Gastroenterology Week (UEGW), held from 23-27 October, which was attended by 14,000 professionals and is regarded as the most pretigious of its kind in the field of European gastroenterology; the European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC), from 13-27 March, attended by 10,600 delegates; and the World Gastrointestinal Cancer Congress (GI Cancer), from 28 June-3 July, whose seventh edition will also be held at CCIB in 2011.

In addition, CCIB once again helped Barcelona occupy an visible place in the cultural industry’s agenda with the 2010 Anna Lindh Forum, held from 4-7 March. It was a memorable event because it was the first time that the foundation brought together the majority of its member institutions, NGOs and association under one roof in a large civic forum, with the attendance of outstanding personalities, academicians and regional networks, which met to promote proposales keyed to building confidence in the dialogue between the Mediterranean countries.

Special events
The flexibility of CCIB’s facilities and its numerous technological resources make it possible to host creatively complex events. In 2010, this was the case of the event organized by Audi, attended by over 4,000 car dealers from all over the world during 12 days to get to know firsthand the company’s new products. The event’s extraordinarily original staging involved an arduous assembly process to completely transform the Forum Auditorium into an impressive exhibition track.

Perspectives for 2011
Although all forecasts for 2011 indicate a clear drop in the number of medical congresses held in Barcelona, it is however important to note that the high level of medical-healthcare events. Along these lines, CCIB will be hosting for the seventh year running the World Gastrointestinal Cancer Congress (GI Cancer), as well as the 1st edition of the Congress of the Confederation of the European Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery from the 3-6 July, and the Infectious Desease Congress (FESTMIH 2011), from 2-6 October. Likewise, the Association for the Promotion of the International Press Distribution (Distripress) will be holding its annual congress for the second time at CCIB, from 17-20 October.

Moreover, its important to mention relevant technological companies such as SAP and Symantec will be repeating in 2011, along with the American multinational Citrix, which will be holding its international conference at CCIB for the first time.

"Our aim," said Rodriguez, "is to carry on collaborating actively with local stakeholders and institutions related to business tourism. Likewise, we will continue to strive to establish strategic partnerships with intermediaries and end clients."

Last but not least, it is interesting to point out that, since opening in 2004 (after the closing ceremony of the International Culture Forum), CCIB has hosted 558 events and over 2,790,000 delegates, with a total turnover of EUR 166 million. In addition, its activity has has generated revenues for the city to the tune of over EUR 1,500 million.
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