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NICE PROJECTS. Transparent ice designs for events, advertising and promotions throughout Europe
Mercabarna. Transversal, 6 - nº 9
Barcelona (08040) Barcelona - 西班牙
+34 935 561 076

+34 935 561 099


团队建设、体育赛事、户外训练, 宴席承办, 家具租赁, 聚会饰品,气球装饰, 设计与装饰

主办 / 组织的主要活动类型:

产品发布会, 体育活动, 体育赛事, 公司庆典活动, 商品展销会, 团队建设活动, 婚礼, 活动摄影、摄像, 私人聚会

Spain: Barcelona
整個 西班牙
提供语言种类: Spanish, Catalan, English
Nice Projects is a brand and line of business belonging to the company Hielos Torné y Cia, S.L., with over 50 years of experience in the industrial ice sector. It is currently the leading Spanish company as regards transparent ice innovation and creative services.

Nice Projects has the staff necessary to undertake any type of project or event, including bar tops, logos, drink stations, bespoke designs and even dinner services made of ice.

The totally transparent ice treated by Nice possess enormous visual beauty and opens up many creative and aesthetic possibilities for setting new trends and offering a touch of distinction to any event.

Nices transparent ice is extremely versatile and has that touch of magic that will turn any event into a unique experience.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday until 3pm
Year of establishment: 2006
With offices in: Barcelona

Company profile in:   NICE PROJECTS Facebook channel
Customized coloured ice designs for events, advertising and promotions. Unique technology in Spain. Working throughout Europe.
NICE PROJECTS. 西班牙范围内为活动,广告及促销活动提供透明冰雕。NICE PROJECTS. 西班牙范围内为活动,广告及促销活动提供透明冰雕。NICE PROJECTS. 西班牙范围内为活动,广告及促销活动提供透明冰雕。NICE PROJECTS. 西班牙范围内为活动,广告及促销活动提供透明冰雕。NICE PROJECTS. 西班牙范围内为活动,广告及促销活动提供透明冰雕。NICE PROJECTS. 西班牙范围内为活动,广告及促销活动提供透明冰雕。

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